Welcome to the North Vancouver Coed Softball League!

We are located in beautiful North Vancouver, BC and play on various fields from April to August. We have two adult coed divisions, Wednesday nights and Sunday nights, and are self ump'd during the regular season and use SPN umpires for our playoffs in August.



See you all next year!

Individuals, feel free to REGISTER yourselves to get on the waiting list.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee you will be put on a team.

Please register only ONCE - either WED or Sunday / Monday

Fees will be refunded to those who are not placed on a team


Personal Protection

- Do not come to the game if you are ill, show any symptoms, or have been around someone who is ill.

- The use of a mask or face shield is recommended.

- The use of personal fitted batting gloves at all times is recommended.

- The use of individual antibacterial hand sanitizer is recommended.

- The use of individual bats is recommended.

- It is recommended that each team use their own set of balls, minimizing the number of people who touch the ball by half.

- Balls should be wiped before each inning.

- Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.

- Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, or into your elbow, when coughing or sneezing.

- Do not spit.

- Wash your hands often.

Social Distancing During the Game

- There will be no physical contact; “no handshakes or high fiving”.

- No warm up of any kind before games.

- Ground rules shall be provided to a team representative before the game.

- During batting, players will need to line up along the fence outside of the diamond, spread out accordingly.

- The dug out will only be used by the on deck batter, or participants can distance accordingly to space available.

- Coaches will stand 2 meters away from 1st and 3rd base at all times; however, it is recommended that there be no base coaches.

- The catcher will stand 2 meters behind home plate.

- The on-deck batter must remove the bats from the diamond.

- Where multiple diamonds are being utilized, it is recommended that staggered scheduling be implemented to minimize over crowding.

- A dedicated area will represent where the next scheduled team is to meet, until such time when they have been cleared to approach the diamond by the umpire or when it is apparent that the previous team occupants have vacated the facility.

- Immediately upon the completion of the game, all members will leave the diamond area.

- Spectators must sit socially distanced from team members and other spectators.

- In the case that there is a restricted number of participants allowed at the facility, a no spectator rule may have to be utilized.

- No coaching conferences or group huddles.

- All garbage must be collected and removed by each team after the game.